Book: The Field Guide to Nachos

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Book: The Field Guide to Nachos

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Now, a website about nachos is all well and good, but what happens when you're out in the field at a restaurant and encounter a strange order of nachos?

Enter The Field Guide to Nachos, a pocket sized reference to the history, types, and background of the greatest of Mexican delicacies.

  • READ... The true story of how Ignacio Anaya created "The Nacho" in 1943.
  • LEARN... How nachos moved from Mexico and spread across America like shredded cheese melting across a pile of chips.
  • KNOW... the real difference between natural cheese versus pasteurized processed cheese product. It's terrifying.
  • DIFFERENTIATE... between kinds of popular nachos that are to be found in our modern restaurants.

Why, when you're through perusing this guide there won't be a bit of nacho knowledge that you won't know, other than the unknowable nacho knowledge that man was not meant to know of course. You'll be your choice of the bee's knees, cat's pajamas, or eel's heels! Yes, whip this out at the next restaurant you hit up and you'll be irresistible to any humans you desire, assuming they like nachos that is.

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