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So, you just graduated your school of choice with a degree in Nachonomics, now what are you going to do with yourself? Have you thought of perhaps submitting an article or review to us fine folks at Nachonomics? Well maybe you should, as we're always looking for informative reviews and essays along the lines of a Freudian interpretations of nachos and their relationship with the identity of the Mexican people. Check out the guidelines below.


  • Make sure you have a picture or two of the nachos in all their glory. Your buddies may think it's cool to photo-bomb it, but we're running a business here, let's keep it professional.
  • If you own a restaurant, don't review your own nachos. That's the incest of the review world and it's illegal in most countries. Don't do it. Seriously, don't do it.


  • It would be a good idea (GREATLY increase your chance of getting posted) to drop us a line before you start writing with your idea and pitch it to us. If it's amazing we'll give you our blessing and you can write your brain out. If we think it needs a little work we can help steer you in the right direction. What we don't want is you spending three years writing your 200 page master thesis on nachos only to have us not accept it because someone already did that.
  • And speaking of a 200 page master thesis, that's a little more writing than we're looking for. I'm sure if you did write your Doctoral dissertation on nachos and you sent it to us we'd read it, but that's a lot to post and for the average person to read. The sweet spot is about 1000 to 2000 words, but we can probably do a little less or a little more if it's got the mustard.
  • Pictures and captions are allowed, although they may be used/changed at our discretion. We'll let you know if there are any problems and work with you on them.

So your review or essay is complete? Congrats, you sir or madam are a hero. While we would love to pay you for your fantastic work, unfortunately we don't have the liquid assets for that. What we can do is promote your work so that like minded readers can view your masterpiece in all it's glory, and, if you include a sentence or two byline, maybe get you a few B2B eyeballs. Employers like nothing more than seeing that you submitted an article to Nachonomics on your resume.

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