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I’m Hannibal Smith and I’ve got a crack team of nacho experts at my fingertips because Hannibal’s on the jazz. That's from The A-Team, I'm not just going off on some strange ramblings there. Between us we’ve got over 75 years of nacho experience, twenty of them from our Mr. T analog alone and we’re all guilty of crimes we didn’t commit. Crimes against nachos of course.

Dex Gormenghast, Editor-in-Chief, Nachonomist -

Dex Gormenghast

Valiantly attempted and even more valiantly failed at eating the largest nachos available in the United States, driving 6 hours out of his way to do so. Like his favorite competitive eater, Eric "Badlands" Booker, he was once rumored to have eaten an entire python. He had his culinary degree from Miskatonic University signed by Julia Child shortly before her death. Has been eating nachos since he had the teeth to do so, and now his doctor is warning him about "triglyceride levels".

Derek Sotak, Nacho Correspondent, Nachonomist -


Flew all the way to Australia and instead of eating a Kangaroo ate nachos, and also punched a shark. He once fought the manager of a 99 Restaurant over trying to get a nacho banner, verbally of course, not pugilistically, but he would have stepped it up a notch if need be. He likes nachos as much as the fiction of H.P. Lovecraft, as can be witnessed by his appearance on the H.P. Lovecraft Literary Podcast.